a little ride

Bill has been trying to get me to go mountain bike riding with him for years.  I was never really interested, but a couple weeks ago I happened to hop on a bike at my parents house and he talked me into riding up a little path and back, we were only out for a short time but it was enough to peak my interest.  Today, Bill, Jadon and my dad took me for a real ride. Jadon ROCKED it by the way!!! So proud of that kid!! Anyway, I had the shoes that you have to clip into the pedal, I had the real bike shorts that have padding to protect your booty, I of course had the helmet and I had an old pair of gloves to protect my hands should I go down, but the best part of all, I had an AMAZING bike built by my dad.

Oh my gosh, it was SO FUN!!!   So there’s a lot of thinking and technical work that goes into mountain bike riding which I’m sure will become more second nature as I ride more…at least I hope, because my brain got as much of a workout as my legs did. So glad I had my dad behind me guiding me as to what to do next… “trigger the right,” thumb the left,” “peddle, peddle, peddle through it!!” I found throughout most of the ride that every move was pretty much counter intuitive to what I instinctively wanted to do.  I also thought every stick I saw was a lizard and every branch was a snake. I did scream a lot, I’m not gonna lie…

I even crashed…I feel inaugurated into the mountain biking club now… Yay!!! 🙂 I had fun with the boys and I can’t wait to go out again!!!IMG_1744




I’ve really never had a fear of the dentist.  But I seemed to have developed a bit of anxiety since going this last time.  Probably because what I experienced could only be explained as simulated drowning…otherwise known as waterboarding.  Just kidding, I really don’t know exactly what the process of waterboarding is but what I went through had to be close.  I was happily sitting in the dentist chair excited that my front tooth was finally going to be fixed, when the Doc comes in and begins to adjust my chair.  He of course moves it to a somewhat decline position and that bothers me a little.  Panic begins to set in as I start to feel like I can’t breath.   He then shoves the cotton swabs on my top gums which makes my nose squished and I can’t breath even more.  Then the drill starts going and the water starts spraying and water is going everywhere. The spray is shooting up into my nose, water is filling up in my throat…I frantically start waving my hands and he asks me…”Does that hurt?”  “No, I’m just dying because I’m not breathing but I can’t really answer you because my mouth is numb and squished up with cotton swabs”

We figured out a good system after that…I raise my hand and he stops with the spraying and I lift my head for a few good breaths then we continue on with the torture.  It was well worth it though…after many years with a chipped and off color tooth (lovely, I know) I now have a beautiful tooth to match the others.  (I have beautiful teeth…they told me)IMG_0176 The before tooth….IMG_1724

And after…woohoo!!!

blessings are found in the simplest of things…

I live in Arizona….it gets hot here. And while some parts of the United States are still experiencing snow storms in April, we had our first 100 degree day.  100 degrees in the middle of August would be a nice cool day but when it comes in April, it’s a bit jolting.  But I love this time of year.  I think it’s beautiful. Everything is in bloom.  I walked on the pathway next to my house the other day, like I do almost everyday as it leads to the park where some of the Bush kids spend the majority of their days, and I stopped because I forgot how much I love that path, especially this time of year.  The trees are so full and green and the path is so cool.  It brings me so much joy.  And it made me happy, that a pathway lined with trees could make me feel so blessed.  Immediatly cheesy life lessons flooded my brain…”I have so much to be thankful for,”  “I love my simple, sweet home,” “blessings are found in the simplest of things,”  “with the heat comes the shade,”  there were more but mostly it brought me back to God, who is the true source of all my joy.  “My lips will glorify You because Your faithful love is better than life.  So I will praise You as long as I live; at Your name, I will lift up my hands.  You satisfy me as with rich food; my mouth will praise You with joyful lips.”  Psalms 63:3-5img_1551img_1551img_15511here’s the pathway by my houseimg_1553and here’s my backyard that I love and the park that the kids play at almost everyday… 🙂

science and stuff

Micah was in her 7th grade science class studying the planets yesterday.  They were learning that the outer planets are larger then the others and made mostly of gas.  With this new found knowledge she immediately turned to her friend and said “Ashley, uranus is large and full of gas.”

Welcome to the Bush family….


Am I the only one?  Has anyone else had this happen?  And it’s really not a big deal, but I Facebook…apparently that’s a verb now, and  I’ll have people from my past request me as a friend.  I’m so excited!  So I write them.  Just a quick note on their wall.  Something like:  “Hey, how are you?  Wow it’s so great to see you on here…etc”  And I get nothing.  No response.  Ever.  Hmmm, I don’t get it, they requested me…

Is it me?  I think it’s me…

It was another busy week for the Bush family.  Along with multiple soccer practices and games, we added one more monthly appt to our schedule.  Jadon got braces.  In just a couple months Micah will be done with the metal mouth scene, but Jadon’s is going to be a much longer process.  They figure he’ll have his for at least 3 years.  And he’ll go through several different phases.  Instead of surgery they will pull his lower jaw forward with a set of springs that are anchored to his permanent molars.  But since those teeth aren’t in yet, he started with just the braces on his top front teeth. Once his molars come in they’ll set him up with the “springs” and after his jaw is correctly set, they’ll brace the rest of his mouth. img_1439img_1460 He looks so darn cute and he’s had such a good attitude about the whole thing…so far he’s not in a lot of pain, yay!!

Oh, and he picked yellow and green bands in honor of his favorite football team…the Packers!! 🙂

i’m back

I know I’ve been gone for awhile so here’s a quick synopsis of my last 3 months…

We left Christmas day for Califiornia and spent a week with the family.   We hiked,  played in the snow, spent the day at the beach, shopped and ate.  We all concluded that it was the best week ever!  We came home on New Years Eve and headed over to our small group NYE party. I brought a bunch of decks of cards and taught them all how to play Nertz.  Now we all carry a deck of cards with us cause you never know when a mean game of Nertz will break out.

I turned 37 on January 15th and spent the morning shopping and getting a pedi.  The fun continued on when a bunch of girlfriends got together for a dinner at Kona Grill…

Soccer started back up and so did the crazy.  My days are back to dropping off and picking up kids at the field and cheering the kids on from the sidelines.  Micah also plays for her school now, so many days she runs from one soccer practice or game to the next.  I’m pretty sure I remember saying I would never have a kid in more than one thing at a time…clearly my word stands strong in this house.

Amy started a fitness boot camp on Wed nights in the park by our house.  It’s been so fun to excercise with friends and be outside during the beautiful time here in Az. But she’s mean.  And she always has a smile on her face when she’s pushing us to go harder and faster.  I think there’s something wrong with that.

Sarai’s 6th birthday was during Spring break again, but we made sure to get all the invitations to her class before the break started.  Because she wanted to invite everyone, I told her we would just be going to the park behind our house to play.  She was fine with that so we planned a High School Musical party with some games and balloons.  She had 20 kids show up and they had a blast.  They all asked me if they had to play the games because they all just wanted to play on the equipment…seriously???  This was the easiest party I’ve ever done!  And Sarai loved it…

Got my new touchscreen phone with a qwerty keyboard…oh yea, I know what that means…now.  So now I’m a texting queen.

And I twitter now.  What the???  Really???  Who would follow me????